Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flower Power In A Box

I wanted to take my crafting to another level and decided to hand make the gift wrapping to compliment my hand made headpiece. One bottle of wine and two hours later... I came up with something personal, sweet and timely for the upcoming spring/summer seasons. This piece was done as a 'thank you.'

My Inspiration:  November issue of W Magazine for spring 2012. Photo shoot styled by Giovanna Battaglia, labels such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, Michael Kors and Alexander Wang get a floral makeover.
My Inspiration: Free People floral head piece sketch spring 2102

My Inspiration: Chloe' RTW S/S 2012

My Inspiration: Chloe' RTW S/S 2012

The headband: "Spring Has Sprung" - Sea pearls, yellow feathers, marble turquoise stone. I loved the idea of doing some hand painting on my head pieces so I custom mixed acrylic color to match the turquoise stone. I lightly brushed the feathers with my color. Turned out really nice.

The box: I wanted the outside to look just as thoughtful as the inside. I took a recycled gift box and hand painted star bursts on the outside. I adorned the box with a red paper bow.

The note: Hand written notes are a thing of the past, but I just can't let them go. I hate using store bought cards. I prefer to make them. I took a piece of textured card stock and burnt the edges with a lighter (an elementary school touch). The envelope is two piece of felt sewn together. I though it looked a little plain in comparison to the rest of the gift so I topped it off with a wire butterfly.

Happy crafting!

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