Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TOE wishlist: susan sontag, zara, free people, caudalie, nasty gal + more

my wish list is super long right now. i think the fact that i'm starting a new job really pulls at my "it's time to update my wardrobe/life" heart strings. subsequently i've been craving a closet purge to fit my desired shopping spree. i'm realistic though. i can't afford all of this at once. plus, i have impulsive tendencies so time in between my purchases is 100% necessary.

my goal is to find some staple pieces that will carry me beyond spring and into summer and fall.  living in la la land w/ perfect temps gives me that amazing flexibility. west coast = best coast. (had to) ... no bright colors, nothing too flashy or trendy, just plain jane tones with modern cuts and accents. i've also plugged in some beauty finds and future must reads.

i cant get my mind off of the tight and sexy, almost ballerina-like camis and racer backs that are hitting stores right now. i. want. one. (left) this low back cami in black (other cool colors and patterns available) by free people is tah die for. i can see myself wearing this to work and then smoothly transitioning into happy hour or dinner with the boy - ppshhh like i'm that cool. (right) this racey racer back crop tank from nasty gal is the exact going out top i've been looking for. while this model and style looks fantastic, i'm not one to "bare" all (punny?), going out. i'm a high-waisted trouser fanatic, so this top is the perfect compliment that doesn't require me to show too much.

i've been following blackmilk clothing on instagram for some time now and i'm starting to become obsessed. this velvet bodysuit would look great under a pair of boyfriend jeans, trousers or jean shorts.

speaking of boyfriend jeans... i've had the same pair from the gap for like three years. i love them. its time for a fresh pair with no holes (not the cool kind either) with a modern edge. i want them to be almost ugly, but in a good way? this light denim pair on need supply co. by citizens of humanity is perfectly u.g.l.y. and i mean that in the most hottest, fashion-y way possible.

get your tix to the gun show, with this muscle tank on need supply co. by t by alexander wang. the breast  pocket, cement color and broad v-neck bring this classic cut into the year 2013 and beyond. between the boyfriend jeans and muscle tank i may be turning into a man. i'm fine with that. their shit is more comfortable.

both of these black bags are from zara - one says "i'm structured" the other says "i'm flexible." i'm horribly drawn to both. i love the unfinished edges and structured frame on the (left) mini tote. i'm confident i wouldn't lose my keys in there. (right) this brown (well, actually black) paper lunch bag is really unique. i love that i could carry it as an over sized clutch, or throw it over my shoulder with the provided chord.

like actually... i might be a boy. i confess - or to those of you who know me personally probably already know this, but are afraid to say it to my face -  i'm terrible at putting on makeup. i have to keep it simple, simply because i'm all thumbs beyond primer, powder and mascara. trust me. i've tried. "clown" has yet to be a fashion statement, so until then i'm sticking to the basics. my make up pouch is sparse so for this reason i have zero guilt spending a little extra on my staples and experimenting on new face products like this (left) clinique age defense bb cream w/ spf. i know what your thinking... age defense in your twenties? i know it sounds crazy, but a family friend of mine who works at the wonderful world of murad (highly recommended) told me its never too early. and she's right. i often get dark spots when i break out and this bb cream helps reduce their visibility and speeds up the healing process. second on my list is this (right) laura mercier duo wet/dry foundation powder. i'm always drawn to anything 2 in 1. simple = good.

i wish i were a posh french girl, but since i'm not even close i'll pretend by using caudalie toner. this french beauty line is seriously amazing. its refreshing, light and cleansing and contains zero chemicals you can't pronounce. bonus: they never test on animals. whether you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or you're removing make up at night, this stuff is the way to go. whatever you choose to buy, you won't go wrong.

i'm probably the only self-proclaimed "reader" who hasn't read a novel, play, non-fiction, whatever by susan sontag. she's been on my must-read list for years. i've always loved her in a superficial sense after reading about her and even some fragments of her work from various articles and interviews. i'm not sure what has prompted me to put her off, but i'm finally committing and purchasing a few of her reads on my nook. i won't be a poser anymore.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

d-day, i meannnn, v-day

i'm here to speak on behalf of all the women out there who AREN'T single, but still have strong hate feelings for valentine's day. ladies who are in a relationship/taken/dating/its complicated/married/in love/romantically involved/have friends with benefits, etc .... are you with me? no?

i might be alone in that i'm a twenty-something female who is in a wonderful, committed relationship, yet still gets nauseous before and on valentine's day. we are about 14 days out and i'm already thinking about it. does that make me a hater, or secretly like every other women my age who adores it? i really don't know. all i know is that valentines day, or "d-day", makes me wince and sweat. i don't like wrinkles and i hate sweating.

between the holidays, anniversaries and birthdays, valentine's just day seems so blahhh. in my opinion the creativity involved by both parties on valentines day has become predictable and unnecessarily stressful. i look back on my simply amazing relationship and, not once, do i think "man, v-day 09' was the most romantic day ever." in fact, i can barely remember what i did last valentine's day...

oh wait, yes i do. he got me an amazing ring of which i left at my gym. i bought another one myself because i felt so guilty (only a small ridiculous fortune). then that one broke. then i lost the gift card of money from my return, not once, but twice. i STILL have yet to spend the money i have on the third gift card. valentine's day is dead to me.

i guess my point is... if you're going to celebrate v-day with friends or a significant other at least give them something to remember it by.
  • don't schedule plans on v-day. catch 'em by surprise before or even wait til after. (warning: this might provoke a fight from your significant other.)
  • skip the jewelry, flowers, chocolate, cards and fancy dinners. that's not what every day looks like for you anyway (if it is, you need to learn what sweatpants and half gallons of ice cream are). think more intimate, more "you."
  • don't you dare let your partner do all of the work and get mad cause its not what you "really wanted." if you want something, tell them. or plan it yourself. no one reads minds (although some times i really believe my mom does). 
  • ladies. buy your own "diamonds." it feels so good spending your money on something special. plus you'll get to say "hell, no. i bought this for myself!" when someone asks you if your significant other got it for you. and let me tell you, that feels awesome.
have fun. money, diamonds, roses, food, late bills, credit cards and sweaty armpits aside you should be having fun with this person. remember, they've seen you sleep, when your fat/skinny, ugly cry, be a couch potato, land a new job, lose a loved one, curse, smile, laugh, drunk, etc. some things are MUCH WORSE/BETTER than valentine's day.

Friday, January 4, 2013

less is more

i resolve to recite the following mantra for the next 361 days: less is more.

i have a nasty habit of looking ten days ahead of the one i'm currently living. i admittedly get excited every time apple releases something, even though i can't afford it. i'm fascinated by "the next big thing" (whatever it is). i'm all in, or disinterested. i'm glass half empty and half full all at the same time. i'm a worry wart. if i go shopping and buy four items, i want use/wear all four immediately, at that same time. i'll chat your ear off, if you'll listen. i admire the reserved, thoughtful and observant.

while i don't think anyone should ever change who they are as a person (i'm actually convinced that's completely impossible due to the fact that you'll still know the truth about yourself despite what you tell or show anyone), i do believe in improvements and resolutions and goals and ambitions and dreams...

less for myself, more for others. less complaining, more doing. less baggage, more treasure. less hype, more truth. less couch potato, more exploring. less frowning, more laughing. less questioning, more serendipity. less guilt, more ice cream. less hate, more love.

less is so much more.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

twelve reasons why i'm glad 2012 is over

i know. i know. you're supposed to appreciate each and every day, but that's difficult when things like #ootd on instagram was trending, kanye and kim itemized (kimye? kanim?) and diy projects became the "it" hipster trend (i mean anti-trend. hipsters don't follow trends. whatever). let's be real. who has time for that shit?

i was tre'-inspired to write this post by my most favorite blogger of all time - man repeller. after reading this you might find yourself saying are these 12 things bad, or horribly awesome? i agree. its a fine line. i can only compare this list to that weird kid in elementary school who threw up in class. you wanted so badly to look away, but you just had to peak through your fingers.

take a ride through 2012 one last time with me. then let's all forget these things actually happened.

1. fifty shades of bs: this was on tmr's list too. she's right. if i hear about one more 30 to 50 something year-old woman raving about fifty shades of bullshit i'm going to create an ecard that says "if you  read the fifty shades of grey trilogy and then recommended it to your daughter, you do not have the right to help her with her english homework. ever." can't wait for the cinematic adventure based on this waste-of-paper-book.

2. i'm a dj: everyone in la la land seems to think that being a dj will boost their social clout. nay. "being" a dj is the new "i'm a model/actor." need i say more? being smart, creative, intuitive and belly-hurtin' funny are still higher on my list of male must haves than spinning beats.

3. studded and jaded: don't get me wrong. i love the 80's. i love punk. i love rock. however... raise your hand if you're going to wear those ridiculous studded and rhinestoned loafers/platforms/peter pan collars/bralets/bracelets next fall/winter. that's what i thought.

4. food porn: i don't care what you baked, ate for lunch, made from grandma's ancient recipe book, or what your plate looks like after you ate whatever it is you ate. and neither does anybody else. unless you are a master chef, or your job involves being an awesome cook, keep your sorry meals to yourself. i myself am a victim of this tragic trend.

5. #nofilter: hash tagging on instagram has resulted in all out battle of the babes -- and by babes i mean babies/teeny boppers/youth/the-only-people-with-that-much-time-on-their-hands --  to see who can tag the most unneccessary shit and gain the most spam follower accounts. congrats to you, the youth of  #merica. on the top of my annoying tags list is "#nofilter." by tagging "nofilter" you've successfully let the world know that you didn't have to select one of the awesome filters provided on the insta app. can we fill the hole in the ozone layer now? where are our priorities?

6. "hipster" weddings: thanks to pinterest all of us sad, pathetic and unmarried women can now plan our never-going-to-happen wedding. not only that, but i guarantee all of the women my age who do get married (bitches) will do so in a barn, on a prairie, decorated by succulents, burlap, wildflowers, chalk boards and driftwood. wait. i totally want this for my wedding.

7. the kardashians: i secretly don't want them to go away. sshh.

8. nail art: i'm slightly bitter that this trend took off mostly because i'm a nail bitter. with that being said ladies, your manicure should not cost as much or more than your shoes. hello kitty, rhinestones, bows, confetti and animal prints aren't allowed on your nails, all at the same time. you're freaking the men out.

9. anne hathaway: can she leave already? she bugs.

10. justin timberlake married that bitch: in my eyes jt's only viable options were me or britney circa "baby one more time." my world, and more importantly, my childhood fantasy, ended at that moment. cheers to 2013 and frequent celebrity divorces!

11. speaking of the end of the world...: 2013 will graciously rid my facebook feed of all of those weirdos (most of them my friends) who had to post some sort of status during the month of december 2012 about mayans, the end of the world, zombie apocalypses, etc.

12. mustache mahem: 2012 was the only year that mustaches got women dates. i loved this trend, but its time for it to rip. my vote for the prized body part/accessory of 2013 is the "wenis" (sp?) -- you know, that extra fold of skin you can pull away from the elbow... this is the equivalent to how ridiculous the mustache was for women in 2012.

i've already typed/hand written 2012 instead of 2013 seven times since january 1st.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

face lift

As you may have noticed, my blog, formerly known as "Passion>Money" has now taken on a new name and agenda - the tales of eLenore. Although I'm still lacking visuals, graphics and new content, I'm confident in its slow transformation.

The tales of eLenore is inspired by my middle name "Lenore" - I was named after my grandmother (better known to the masses as Nana) Eleanore. The title and inspiration is nod to my past and present. I'm on a self-improvement kick, but not so much in the superficial sense. My goal is pay respects to my past and show appreciation for the present through the one thing I enjoy most - words. My Nana might be the strongest woman I know and has the best legs ever. No seriously, she has great legs. My posts will be egocentric - dishing my most honest opinion on world as I see it today, and hoping someone is interested in  reading about it. I've already used "I," "me" and "my" 20 times, including this sentence. Like I said, EGO.

My Nana is a powerful soul who is strongest near her family, living minimally and laughing really hard. My blog is minimal to the eye, but rich in content, only revealing the important meaty, juicy stuff: inspiring words, intriguing photos and lots and lots of heart. I hope it makes others laugh and think because that's what I like to be doing while I'm reading.

Esthetically, I've drawn inspiration from a handful of my favorite bloggers: A Beautiful Mess, BLDG 25, Bona Drag Boutique, Earth Age, Gary Pepper, Moonchild, Natalie Off Duty and  Poppytalk.

I'm looking to stay black and white, which will really make my images pop. Minor touches to my writing style like lower case titles and periods to separate thoughts are ways I'm making this blog feel like my own. The header is my biggest obstacle. It is very much a work in progress.

Looking forward to a fresh start. I hope you are too.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out


This year I spent FNO at the Beverly Center. It was a night of runway, drinks, sales, vampy lipstick, photo booths, Kendall Jenner (is she even 18 yet?), appetizers and a couple strippers. Only a couple. Some how my girlfriend and I finagled our way into valet parking and saw the Jenner sisters exiting their blacked out Escalade before the show. Kendall, Teen Vogue Editor Lisa Love and Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars hosted the opening ceremonies. I had more fun at the photo booths. Can't wait for next year!

just scored VIP parking. victory shot.
hamming it up
close up of my beaded tank
paper and gold leaf dress

the quiet before the show

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White Noise

In honor of "No white after Labor Day", I'm writing about how everything should be white after Labor Day.

There is no such thing as a 'shade of white' simply because white is the absence of color. Therefore it can not have a shade. Yet the dazed and confused artists (pronounced ar-teest for the bourgeoisie) of the world decided to also confuse the masses with white, eggshell, Swiss coffee, snow, ivory, bone, antique, ecru, ghost, linen, lace, cream, vanilla... you get the point.

The point is... white is tre' chic, and especially captivating to the lazy (pronounced no special way) self decorator like myself who refuses to open a can of paint or lift a paintbrush-bearing limb. Here are some ways us lazy boyz and galz can make white more than the absence of color. Take THAT all of you ar-teests and superstitious weirdos!