Friday, January 4, 2013

less is more

i resolve to recite the following mantra for the next 361 days: less is more.

i have a nasty habit of looking ten days ahead of the one i'm currently living. i admittedly get excited every time apple releases something, even though i can't afford it. i'm fascinated by "the next big thing" (whatever it is). i'm all in, or disinterested. i'm glass half empty and half full all at the same time. i'm a worry wart. if i go shopping and buy four items, i want use/wear all four immediately, at that same time. i'll chat your ear off, if you'll listen. i admire the reserved, thoughtful and observant.

while i don't think anyone should ever change who they are as a person (i'm actually convinced that's completely impossible due to the fact that you'll still know the truth about yourself despite what you tell or show anyone), i do believe in improvements and resolutions and goals and ambitions and dreams...

less for myself, more for others. less complaining, more doing. less baggage, more treasure. less hype, more truth. less couch potato, more exploring. less frowning, more laughing. less questioning, more serendipity. less guilt, more ice cream. less hate, more love.

less is so much more.

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