Thursday, January 31, 2013

d-day, i meannnn, v-day

i'm here to speak on behalf of all the women out there who AREN'T single, but still have strong hate feelings for valentine's day. ladies who are in a relationship/taken/dating/its complicated/married/in love/romantically involved/have friends with benefits, etc .... are you with me? no?

i might be alone in that i'm a twenty-something female who is in a wonderful, committed relationship, yet still gets nauseous before and on valentine's day. we are about 14 days out and i'm already thinking about it. does that make me a hater, or secretly like every other women my age who adores it? i really don't know. all i know is that valentines day, or "d-day", makes me wince and sweat. i don't like wrinkles and i hate sweating.

between the holidays, anniversaries and birthdays, valentine's just day seems so blahhh. in my opinion the creativity involved by both parties on valentines day has become predictable and unnecessarily stressful. i look back on my simply amazing relationship and, not once, do i think "man, v-day 09' was the most romantic day ever." in fact, i can barely remember what i did last valentine's day...

oh wait, yes i do. he got me an amazing ring of which i left at my gym. i bought another one myself because i felt so guilty (only a small ridiculous fortune). then that one broke. then i lost the gift card of money from my return, not once, but twice. i STILL have yet to spend the money i have on the third gift card. valentine's day is dead to me.

i guess my point is... if you're going to celebrate v-day with friends or a significant other at least give them something to remember it by.
  • don't schedule plans on v-day. catch 'em by surprise before or even wait til after. (warning: this might provoke a fight from your significant other.)
  • skip the jewelry, flowers, chocolate, cards and fancy dinners. that's not what every day looks like for you anyway (if it is, you need to learn what sweatpants and half gallons of ice cream are). think more intimate, more "you."
  • don't you dare let your partner do all of the work and get mad cause its not what you "really wanted." if you want something, tell them. or plan it yourself. no one reads minds (although some times i really believe my mom does). 
  • ladies. buy your own "diamonds." it feels so good spending your money on something special. plus you'll get to say "hell, no. i bought this for myself!" when someone asks you if your significant other got it for you. and let me tell you, that feels awesome.
have fun. money, diamonds, roses, food, late bills, credit cards and sweaty armpits aside you should be having fun with this person. remember, they've seen you sleep, when your fat/skinny, ugly cry, be a couch potato, land a new job, lose a loved one, curse, smile, laugh, drunk, etc. some things are MUCH WORSE/BETTER than valentine's day.

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