Thursday, November 1, 2012

face lift

As you may have noticed, my blog, formerly known as "Passion>Money" has now taken on a new name and agenda - the tales of eLenore. Although I'm still lacking visuals, graphics and new content, I'm confident in its slow transformation.

The tales of eLenore is inspired by my middle name "Lenore" - I was named after my grandmother (better known to the masses as Nana) Eleanore. The title and inspiration is nod to my past and present. I'm on a self-improvement kick, but not so much in the superficial sense. My goal is pay respects to my past and show appreciation for the present through the one thing I enjoy most - words. My Nana might be the strongest woman I know and has the best legs ever. No seriously, she has great legs. My posts will be egocentric - dishing my most honest opinion on world as I see it today, and hoping someone is interested in  reading about it. I've already used "I," "me" and "my" 20 times, including this sentence. Like I said, EGO.

My Nana is a powerful soul who is strongest near her family, living minimally and laughing really hard. My blog is minimal to the eye, but rich in content, only revealing the important meaty, juicy stuff: inspiring words, intriguing photos and lots and lots of heart. I hope it makes others laugh and think because that's what I like to be doing while I'm reading.

Esthetically, I've drawn inspiration from a handful of my favorite bloggers: A Beautiful Mess, BLDG 25, Bona Drag Boutique, Earth Age, Gary Pepper, Moonchild, Natalie Off Duty and  Poppytalk.

I'm looking to stay black and white, which will really make my images pop. Minor touches to my writing style like lower case titles and periods to separate thoughts are ways I'm making this blog feel like my own. The header is my biggest obstacle. It is very much a work in progress.

Looking forward to a fresh start. I hope you are too.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out


This year I spent FNO at the Beverly Center. It was a night of runway, drinks, sales, vampy lipstick, photo booths, Kendall Jenner (is she even 18 yet?), appetizers and a couple strippers. Only a couple. Some how my girlfriend and I finagled our way into valet parking and saw the Jenner sisters exiting their blacked out Escalade before the show. Kendall, Teen Vogue Editor Lisa Love and Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars hosted the opening ceremonies. I had more fun at the photo booths. Can't wait for next year!

just scored VIP parking. victory shot.
hamming it up
close up of my beaded tank
paper and gold leaf dress

the quiet before the show

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White Noise

In honor of "No white after Labor Day", I'm writing about how everything should be white after Labor Day.

There is no such thing as a 'shade of white' simply because white is the absence of color. Therefore it can not have a shade. Yet the dazed and confused artists (pronounced ar-teest for the bourgeoisie) of the world decided to also confuse the masses with white, eggshell, Swiss coffee, snow, ivory, bone, antique, ecru, ghost, linen, lace, cream, vanilla... you get the point.

The point is... white is tre' chic, and especially captivating to the lazy (pronounced no special way) self decorator like myself who refuses to open a can of paint or lift a paintbrush-bearing limb. Here are some ways us lazy boyz and galz can make white more than the absence of color. Take THAT all of you ar-teests and superstitious weirdos!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Nana/Off Duty JETT Boot

Once in a while something amazing happens in the design world...

This past weekend Modern Vice and the Suarez blogging sisters, Dylana and Natalie released the ULTIMATE fall/winter staple, the limited edition JETT boot. I'm drooling. The boot has this military, edgy vibe that  I can't get enough of. And the details are stunning - the triple buckle and "kiltie" on the toe. Well crafted ladies. I'm currently saving my pennies to afford them hopefully before the end of the chilly season.

All of the colors are rad, but I'm particularly enamored with the "jet" black and burgundy/cognac.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Man Gifting

When it comes to the main man in your life, gifting can be the worst. You spend so much time with this person yet your stumped when that special day draws near, especially when you're on a budget. 

I was inspired to do some man-gift hunting when a coworker of mine wanted to deliver her boyf something to cheer him up at work after a bad day. Super thoughtful, only one problem.... What the heck do you get him??? Flowers? Too girly. Chocolates? Too love dovey. Gift card? Too boring and not thoughtful. Buy him lunch? You do that all the time. Now my girlfriend is stuck with an adorable idea and no way to get it out to her man.

Time to tap in to the male psyche... I have to confess I'm not great at this upon instinct. You have to consider both parties here: the woman and the man.

The Lady

The woman wants to her gift to be well-received (we women are always thinking about ourselves - selfish brats). We want to be sentimental, but not cheesy. We want our men to put the gift to good use, but don't want it to be so "every-day" that it doesn't seem special. We want it to be whimsical and cool so that they can show it off to their buddies, proudly. We want other women to say "Wow, GREAT IDEA. I'm going to do that for my man." Most importantly we want it trump the last perfectly, awesome gift we gave him.

We women, have ridiculous standards. Let's not forget this gift isn't for us, its for him.

The Man

He wants his gift to be something he actually wants. The man wants a treat, something out of the norm, yet something he's been eying for some time. Maybe he's dropped hints to his lady, or maybe he was sharing something he intended to buy but finances didn't allow for it. He wants to feel appreciated (who doesn't), but never lose the role of "the man in the relationship." He wants to gloat indirectly to his wingmen. In other words, he wants the gift to do the talking.

How to let the gift do the talking

 1. Do your research. Has he dropped hints while you both are out and about? Maybe he's missing a piece to something he already has.... a camera, sports equipment, a techy gadget. Is there something that needs to be replaced of his? A wallet, phone, iPod, shoes, watch...

2. Be practical. A lot of times we get carried away. This shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun.  Ask yourself, "Does he really want this?" or "Will he actually use this?" We are so close to this person sometimes that we forget the essence of who they are and what they enjoy.

3. Don't spend money, just to spend money.  In relationships, we often try to outdo ourselves and each other when it comes to gifts. Stay within your budget. Don't intimidate your partner with dollars; show them how much you care. That's the good stuff. My man is always telling me "Stop trying to be a hero," which totally pisses me off, but he's right. We aren't millionaires (yet) so why do we try to spend like one?

The gift

Here are some ideas that I would consider getting my man. Granted these won't work for everyone simply because you aren't us. However, I DO believe they'll get your juices flowing and help get you out of the man-gift rut!

Were I've gotten good, goods:,,,,

WeWood Watches

Clarks Shoes

Grown Wooden Sunnies

Obey iPhone Cases Personalized Bottle Opener

Roll Up Travel Charger from Restoration Hardware

Slouch Beanie from Urban Outfitters

Whoa Socks from Urban Outfitters
Image Snap Custom Ceramic Tiles - Instagram Prints

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Battle of the Pup

WARNING: The painfully adorable creatures you are about to see might cause permanent obsessivness with pictures of dogs. You've been warned.

I would like to clear the air and say that I consider my obsession with purchasing a new pup a step above "crazy cat lady." I don't do cats.

My SO and I are on a mission to find a pup! We do want to adopt, but we are also a bit picky about the breed. Right now we are tied between a Corgi and a French Bulldog (I'm rooting for the Corgi... Shhhhh).

My parents chimed in with "complications" of adopting versus purchasing. My current old man-dog, Monty comes from a purebred, show dog litter - his mom Australian, his dad American. (I know how crazy that makes me sound. Breeders are intense.) This may be a slight exaggeration, but Monty is the smartest dog in the universe. If there was such thing as "My dog made the honor roll at Valencia Valley Puppy School, I'd slap it on the bumper of my BMW. No shame. He truly is well behaved and has had no serious health implications throughout his entire life. I know that's what my parents are getting at as they encourage me to buy breeder, as opposed to adopting - purebred  --> minimal complications --> healthy stress-free life for pup.

Truth is though, I don't care how many ribbons are in the family, or if its coat produces the proper oils. My pup could have three legs, one eye and no hair and I would still love more than anything on this planet. My point is that there are so many dogs in this world that need a safe home.

Recommended adoption facilities, kennels, breeders, etc. are welcome!

Frenchie Cuteness 

Corgi Cuteness