Friday, August 17, 2012

The Battle of the Pup

WARNING: The painfully adorable creatures you are about to see might cause permanent obsessivness with pictures of dogs. You've been warned.

I would like to clear the air and say that I consider my obsession with purchasing a new pup a step above "crazy cat lady." I don't do cats.

My SO and I are on a mission to find a pup! We do want to adopt, but we are also a bit picky about the breed. Right now we are tied between a Corgi and a French Bulldog (I'm rooting for the Corgi... Shhhhh).

My parents chimed in with "complications" of adopting versus purchasing. My current old man-dog, Monty comes from a purebred, show dog litter - his mom Australian, his dad American. (I know how crazy that makes me sound. Breeders are intense.) This may be a slight exaggeration, but Monty is the smartest dog in the universe. If there was such thing as "My dog made the honor roll at Valencia Valley Puppy School, I'd slap it on the bumper of my BMW. No shame. He truly is well behaved and has had no serious health implications throughout his entire life. I know that's what my parents are getting at as they encourage me to buy breeder, as opposed to adopting - purebred  --> minimal complications --> healthy stress-free life for pup.

Truth is though, I don't care how many ribbons are in the family, or if its coat produces the proper oils. My pup could have three legs, one eye and no hair and I would still love more than anything on this planet. My point is that there are so many dogs in this world that need a safe home.

Recommended adoption facilities, kennels, breeders, etc. are welcome!

Frenchie Cuteness 

Corgi Cuteness 


  1. Corgis and Frenchies have to be two of the cutest dogs on the planet, and I fully understand your dilemma. That being said, I am casting one vote for adoption because we got a BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL dog by adopting who is a corgi/sheltie mix (because like you I REALLY wanted a corgi - she has short legs/corgi body with sheltie hair). She wasn't a puppy, but we weren't really looking for one, we were just looking for a corgi. We don't know her history, but the only thing is that at times around certain people she can be a little shy besides that she is just such a happy dog.

    1. Forgot to say that she has also not had any health problems at all! Happy puppy hunting!

    2. Thanks for reading and sharing. Adoption does sound like a great route. My current "old dog-man" Monty is a Corgi. They really are the best aren't they? Good to hear about zero health problems... Most importantly, good for your pup!

      xo Carly