Thursday, November 1, 2012

face lift

As you may have noticed, my blog, formerly known as "Passion>Money" has now taken on a new name and agenda - the tales of eLenore. Although I'm still lacking visuals, graphics and new content, I'm confident in its slow transformation.

The tales of eLenore is inspired by my middle name "Lenore" - I was named after my grandmother (better known to the masses as Nana) Eleanore. The title and inspiration is nod to my past and present. I'm on a self-improvement kick, but not so much in the superficial sense. My goal is pay respects to my past and show appreciation for the present through the one thing I enjoy most - words. My Nana might be the strongest woman I know and has the best legs ever. No seriously, she has great legs. My posts will be egocentric - dishing my most honest opinion on world as I see it today, and hoping someone is interested in  reading about it. I've already used "I," "me" and "my" 20 times, including this sentence. Like I said, EGO.

My Nana is a powerful soul who is strongest near her family, living minimally and laughing really hard. My blog is minimal to the eye, but rich in content, only revealing the important meaty, juicy stuff: inspiring words, intriguing photos and lots and lots of heart. I hope it makes others laugh and think because that's what I like to be doing while I'm reading.

Esthetically, I've drawn inspiration from a handful of my favorite bloggers: A Beautiful Mess, BLDG 25, Bona Drag Boutique, Earth Age, Gary Pepper, Moonchild, Natalie Off Duty and  Poppytalk.

I'm looking to stay black and white, which will really make my images pop. Minor touches to my writing style like lower case titles and periods to separate thoughts are ways I'm making this blog feel like my own. The header is my biggest obstacle. It is very much a work in progress.

Looking forward to a fresh start. I hope you are too.


  1. Omg....I'm touched :) Loving your blog- I didn't even this was HAPPENING!! Great writing, I'm enjoying

    1. Thanks for the awesome inspo and for reading!