Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Gilded Life

 A Gilded Life is a mother-daughter co-op at its finest - composed of  Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso. Don't be fooled though, Gilded Life has taken European opulence and successfully marketed it to the average American household. I was introduced to their design expertise at work when they graciously sought out FIDM students and graduates for employment.

The dynamic duo makes costuming, jeweling, bedazzling, embellishing, assembling, and every other form of "creative" you can think of, a DOABLE do-it-yourself project. They've rocketed their following into the hundreds without a marketing team or third-party vender. Instead they stuck to every day, modern forms of communication like Facebook and blogging. The voice of the blog (which is of course theirs) is witty and charming. In fact, their blog doubles as their website - perfect for their market. Their hard work is admirable and their passion is truly lovely. I've never been foo-shi-shi myself, but their eye for detail is impeccable!

All White Everything: As the holidays quickly approach, Gilded is hosting various classes to class-up the decor. This is what they call a "lace and ruffle tree." DUH. So it's not typical, but gosh is it eye-catching!

Class Meets Practicality: So frilly trees aren't your thing? Gilded took this $10 Target lamp and turned it into a standout piece for any living room or bedroom. Change the colors, fabrics and accents to match your home. As a broke twenty-something I LOVE the idea of taking a plain canvas of something used, or even recently bought, and creating something unique.

Momma and daughter have created a "gilded" society. Join their realm by attending weekend retreats, classes, events and even their exclusive and in-demand, Stash Society! Whether we like it or not the holidays ARE coming up, if this isn't your thing I'm sure you have a friend, family member or co worker that would die for a rosette, jewel-encrusted headband.

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