Friday, May 11, 2012

Drag Queen BINGO

Apparently, drag queen BINGO is a "thing" every Wednesday at Hamburger Mary's in WEHO ... the place was packed last night (we will be reserving a table next time). Mary's was bustling with people of every color, with their BINGO cards in hand...and I LOVED it. Newcomers, regulars, bachelorette parties and birthday boys and girls united for a night of fish bowl margaritas and auctioning. You couldn't help but have a good time. We had beginners luck at Mary's and won a swag bag full of goodies like gift cards to Birds on Franklin Blvd, Jamba Juices, and Coldstone's Creamery, a bottle of Prosecco (which we popped and poured straight into our empty margarita fish bowls... classy, I know.), tickets to a comedy show, thank you notes and other oddities. By the end of the night we were chanting "It's On" every time we were one spot away from winning! Each BINGO game was played with a theme - get an "X" for "I hate my "X" and other totally inappropriate shapes. So clever and fun. Tickets are $20 for a huge stack of BIGNO cards (you don't have to play). I recommend buying fish bowls for groups... its cheaper!

Ashley claiming the prize!

After winning the rest of the bar and players pelt you their lost BINGO papers. Its tradition.

Ashley and I enjoying fish bowl margis!

Ashley and Alyssa!

Our swag bag for winning BINGO!

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