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The life of a '90s girl post graduation

As of late the spike in '90s swag via social media platforms, alongside the posts and status updates about finals, graduation, etc. has me feeling oober nostalgic - "EW, GAG ME WITH A SPOON " - (you know you said it too!).

CZECH out my personal fave homages to the 90's: 285 Reasons Why Being a '90s Rocked Our Jellies Off and What If 'The Facebook' Was Invented in the '90s?

It has been one and a half years since I've technically been done with college, and one year since I walked the Mount Clef football field for the CLU commencement ceremony (which has already been replaced by a much cooler, modern and beast of a football stadium... figures).  I hate to be cliche' but time is flying.

With my generation being on the forefront of social media and on the cusp of career professionalism, people kept telling me "You have it so easy with the Internet" and "The recession isn't that real. It'll be over soon so go get a job." Let me be frank here and say that I was NEVER unemployed. I worked two jobs upon graduation. Unemployment wasn't an option for me. To the twentysomethings with a college degree that can't find a job..."Get off of your hipster jeans and find one!" Seriously, the excuses nauseate me. I digress...

Here is my homage to the '90s girls and boys who are graduating (or have recently): Five '90s Trends That Are Back in Action and Five Ways to Cope With Postpartum Graduation.

Five Ways to Cope With Postpartum Graduation

1. Find a hobby: From crafting, to blogging, to community service, you'll need to find something to fill the free time. In college, I was more busy and stressed than I've ever been in my life and then after graduation I had a job and, well, that was it. I turned to blogging, reading the books I didn't have time to read in college and exercising (something that my college self would find hysterical). Do something for yourself, or else you'll go crazy. It'll teach you a different kind of responsibility and time management. In college I didn't know the meaning of the words "alone time." I was constantly surrounded by friends, boyfriend, class, parties, the school paper and dance team that loneliness wasn't in my regimen. Post school I had to LEARN to be alone... a very odd concept.  I'm still learning how to master this.

2. The job hunt is forever: Even if you're hired and comfortable don't be scared to put yourself out there and network. Building contacts for yourself is never a bad idea. It is said that our generation will change careers 3-6 times in our lifetime. The sky is the limit!

3. Make new friends: This can be so hard for us Gen Yer's. We tend to be attached the groups we formed in high school and college, but guess what... there are crap load of more interesting people out there. If a coworker invites you out with some friends, GO! Don't be a Bubble Boy!

4. Move out: Even if you have to live on Ramen and Kraft and sleep on a futon, you gotta move out within the first 6 months to a year of graduation. While Mom and Dad's might be cozy at first - laundry done for you, home cooking, no rent - it will truly inhibit you as an adult and recent college grad. My parents are the epitome of helicopter parents. My mom just offered to go with me to a job interview in Philadelphia... BARF.  This is NOT allowed. Step away from the womb and get your own place. No one likes a young professional who struggles with the failure to launch. Total turn off. Oh, and number 3 (above) is a million times more difficult when you live at home.

5. Love your parents again: While it is important to move out and establish your self independently by ripping off the Band-Aid that is "Mom and Dad," it is just as important to maintain an adult relationship with your parents. Make up for lost time, and make an effort to spend time with them and tell them that you love them. I have found that in the last few years my parents have, in fact, become much cooler and way easier to talk too as I've gotten older. My step-dad just got a Jeep Wrangler and my mom is wearing Lacoste to her golfing lessons. (Damn, I need to retire.) They have put up with a big heaping pile of bull shit with you. They deserve this.

Five '90s Trends That Are Back in Action

1. Denim 


Beverly Hills 90210 - a time will never forget and whole lot of Levi's denim!

Kelly Kapowski - Demin crop top and floral jeans.. doesn't get much hotter.


Free People Embroidered Denim Button Down Dress

Denim overalls... Gasp!

Free People Denim Vest and Pleather Shorties

2. Grunge/ Being a "hooligan" 


I know this looks like Hansen, but its totally not.
I'm pretty sure this is Naomi Campbell in the '90s! Ps Goth lips are totally back.

Wouldn't be the '90s without these guys.


Doc Martins are totally back... still not sure if I could rep them though.

I couldn't leave out the Olsen's in a '90s post... they are STILL killin' it in the fashion world. Here MKO is rockin' '90s plaid.

3. Vampires


Yea. She was awesome.

Had to... Team Edward!

4. Braids


Brandi... forgot about this girl!

Xtina in her hay day!

OMG my beloved JT not looking his best, but workin' some '90s cornrows fo sho. Still holding out for this guy, even throughout his engagement to Jessica Biel (bitch).


Waterfall braid

Fish tail with pastel highlights

Pigtail and accent braid adorned with fabrics.

5. DIY: Arts and Crafts


Bedazzler Commercial <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
DIY friendship bracelets

Hours of pointless fun.


Statement nails

Dying fabrics at home.


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