Monday, July 16, 2012

22 1/2 Things I Didn't Think I Would Admit By Age 22 1/2

It has been a year and 7 months since I graduated from college and 5-ish years since graduating high school. I used to be a little too confident, spontaneous, notoriously tardy, a wee bit close minded and extremely stubborn (okay, so maybe I'm still stubborn). Now I find myself becoming slightly "grandma-like." Have I peaked at age 22 1/2? I've realized its called maturity. I like to think of myself as a more seasoned... well, woman. I still carry passion and ambition with me, but now I have the credential to back it up.

I'm sure most of us twenty-somethings (or at least I hope, so I'm not crazy) are feeling the cosmic pull of this natural transition from college-age "know-it-all" to actual adulthood. Here is a brutally honest list of 22 1/2 things that I didn't think I would admit by age 22 1/2. Just a few years ago I'd be ashamed of my future self.

1. I do, say and act like my mom more and more every day. (Ew. I know.)

2. My mom and/or parents are usually right. (Yep, hate this too, but the first step is admitting that I was wrong right?)

3. I get horrendously annoyed by underage drinkers when/if I go out. (I was THE last one to turn 21 amongst my friends. I SHOULD feel some type of empathy for these brats, but I don't. Maybe I'm jealous of their baby-soft skin and skinny legs. Bitches.)

4. I enjoy staying in. (I can't hang anymore.)

5. I can no longer eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting followed by Kraft mac and cheese and get away with it.

6. When I do eat a pint of  ice cream in one sitting followed by Kraft mac and cheese I have to work out for two hours a day, for five days straight, and feel guilty for about 15 days. (I actually have to work out now matter what I eat.)

7. I don't want a cookie cutter family and white picket fence. (I actually want 6 kids, two dogs, a pig, a garden and a husband who thinks all of that is normal.)

8. There is always someone prettier, better, smarter, happier (at least at that moment), healthier, more fit, more qualified, who has a better job, etc. And, coincidentally, its okay not to be the best. If the "best" is in the room, learn from him/her. (Us twenty-somethings grew up in a time where participation ribbons and honorable mentions made us "special." NEWS FLASH: You have to earn "special" and first place.)

9. I believe that healthfulness, faithfulness and happiness IS beauty. (Still a struggle for me.)

10. Being on-time and prepared is cool.

11. Making my bed makes a difference.

12. You are your toughest critic.

13. You will never like EVERYONE you work with.

14. Everyone doesn't always like YOU. (This includes those of you who won "Most Likeable" or "Most Likely To Be Your Best Friend" or "Most Conscientious" or some equally bullshit senior award in high school.)

15. Vegas pools and water parks give me the heebie jeebies.

17. I resent Justin Bieber for ruling the world before age 20, even though Britney Spears did the same thing when I was a teeny bopper. (VIVA BRITNEY!)

18. Less is more.

19. Laughter is the best medicine.

20. The house I grew up in still feels more like home then my own apartment. (Even though my mom made me take out every trace of my existence when I moved out and replaced it with a fancy bed and frilly soaps.)

21. I hate liars. (You always get caught.)

22. Faith doesn't just mean one god, church, holidays, presents, big fancy dinners, life/death.

22 and a 1/2. Learn every day (This is something we must continually do and remember. We don't know everything and there's always something better to look forward to.)

What things can you admit to yourself now that you couldn't before?

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