Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Its All About the Instrumentals

I take a Yoga classes 3-4 times a week at spot in Downtown LA, and one of the instructors happens to be a badass, well tanned, ex-dancer, hottie from the Midwest who's music taste conveniently mirrors mine. Yea she's perfect. Needless to say her music choices take my Yoga high to the infinite level. Lately we've been listening to purely instrumental pieces and scores from indie films. As I'm lying down in what is supposed to be my final meditation pose of the night, my mind drifts to my old dancer habits. I find myself choreographing numbers in my head to these wonderful pieces she's playing. Ahh sweet, sweet nastalgia. Now I'm hooked on instrumental scores.

You'll be tuning your Pandora to the Devotchka channel before you know it. You're welcome.

Some day I'm walking down the isle to a Devotchka song. Devotchka (Russian word meaning "girl") is a quartet (3 dudes, 1 lady) that has recorded for the movie Everything is Illuminated (you'd be dumb not to read the book or see the movie) and one of my all time favorite movie soundtracks Little Miss Sunshine. "The Winner Is" one of the best songs EVER.

If you have a fave instrumental or indie movie score PLEASE share. I'm on a binge.

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